Amy Marietta of A.M Club

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Amy Marietta of A.M Club

Hi! My name is Amy Marietta and I am a content creator, founder & owner of my own ethical silk scarf line – A.M. Club, and just launched a new show and podcast called Under The Influence (@under_the_influence_show). I love to be creative and create things, travel, meet new people, and experience life. I'm a total Pisces!

How do you prefer to consume CBD or THC products?

I have a one-hitter that I take everywhere to smoke my favorite strand – Durban Poison by Northern Emeralds. I like having a one-hitter while out and about because I don’t get too stoney,  just bubbly and extra creative. If I’m smoking a joint, I like to use RAW papers, I swear it tastes better for some reason.

Do you have any recommendations for shoppers new to CBD on choosing the best products for them?

If you’re trying to find the best CBD for you, I suggest doing a lot of research online beforehand. Most expensive isn’t always the best option.

Amy's Top Picks

Lab to Beauty - CBD Drops

I love pretty much everything by Lab To Beauty, but especially their CBD drops which I put in my water everyday. I’m obsessed! They taste the best and work most efficiently. Even my boyfriend’s grandma loves them!

Lab to Beauty - Quick Fix CBD Serum


Lab to Beauty also has a CBD serum for your face that I swear by.

Not Pot CBD Gummies

Not Pot Vegan CBD gummies are my daily go-to. I could easily eat a whole thing in a day.

Dosist Dose Pen

I love vape pens for traveling – specifically Dosist – they vibrate when you’ve had a full pull so you don’t overdo it. Also, their branding is clean AF.


Dr. Norms CBD/THC Cookies

Dr. Norm’s Cookies are super yummy. I like the Vegan CBD Chocolate Chip cookies.