Charlotte Palermino of Nice Paper

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Charlotte Palermino of Nice Paper

Hi I’m Charlotte. I’m a co-founder of Nice Paper, a high-design publishing platform that makes weed as nice as you are. In addition to consulting cannabis brands in Canada and the US Nice Paper publishes a weekly newsletter that explores the people and products behind weed in addition to distilling what experts have to say in the space. In addition to Nice Paper, I’m the CEO of Dieu X, a cannabinoid skincare line set to launch late 2019.

How do you prefer to consume CBD or THC products? 

CBD to start the day and THC to wind down. We're living in a post 2016 world so I'd say I smoke, take a tincture or have an edible most days. For CBD, the doses most people take are not enough in isolation to do much so I'm pretty religious about taking it daily for results.

I find a little bit of THC goes a long way to help me sleep and it forces me to stop looking at my phone. I love smoking and will use sublinguals as well (I .e. tincture under my tongue). This is because it’s one of the best ways to get cannabinoids,

I get a little frustrated when I see CBD pills because unless if they’re liposomal or the CBD molecule is somewhat protected, none of that CBD is surviving the combination of stomach acid and your liver.Your liver is one hell of a bouncer. THC converts to a stronger version of what you smoke so let’s just say I’m definitely a fan of THC edibles!

Do you have any recommendations for shoppers new to CBD on choosing the best products for them?

Be skeptical. I wrote an article for Bon Appetit that gives more context on how to buy but when you’re starting ask all the questions!

What accessories or products do you prefer?

When it comes to smoking I have so many pipes that are gorgeous but there’s something about the ritual of rolling and smoking a joint that I love. I wasn’t big on rolling joints till I met my business partner Marta and now it’s a good way to wind down.

Studio A-OK has really (really) cute rolling papers and I’m really into Candy Relics which has some beautiful pipes. Shop Shaw curates some incredible stuff so I recommend checking out that store!

Skincare has been a new integration for me. At the moment I’m making my own concoctions from farms that are sending me isolates that I then combine for certain effects, yes this is because I’m coming out with a skincare line in 2019.

Charlotte's Top Picks

      Potli Hemp Infused Honey

      I love Potli, the branding, the founders and the food. I think they are the PERFECT thing to get someone who is just starting their CBD journey and if you’re in California their THC honey is *delightful.*Oh and the hot sauce, I could go on!

      QUILL CBD Vaporizor

      Quill CBD pens are a great CBD hit. I like smoking CBD because it hits fast as opposed to a gummy which has low bioavailability and takes forever to get into the system. Anxiety isn’t patient!

      Dr. Caroline Hartridge's CBD Salve

      For topicals I like Dr. Caroline Hartridge’s topical solutions. Sometimes you need something that just hits the spot and this has one of the higher dosing I’ve seen on the market at 500mg/oz. I  know people talk a big game about full spectrum, but all the clinical studies done on topicals for inflammatory pain is with isolates so… I’ll stick with the high dose for now.

      Studio A-OK Mind Altering Papers

      Honey Bear Bubbler