Steven Phan of Come Back Daily

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Steven Phan of Come Back Daily

Steven Phan is a first-generation Asian American that has worked in the cannabis industry for nearly a decade. In this time, he found the need for a peer-to-peer community to overcome decades of stigma and become more familiarized with the green plant.

In November 2018, Steven opened Come Back Daily, New York City’s first educational and experiential CBD retail store located on Broadway in Tribeca. The zen space is designed to be inviting and encourage customer interaction and sampling of a highly curated selection of products. From beauty creams and skincare treatments to oils, capsules and edibles- they have exceptional health benefits. Now with a second location on 5th Avenue, Uptown you can find him at either treating patients and consulting clients to build a more educated community.

How do you prefer to consume CBD or THC products? 

I like papers because the act of rolling and passing a joint is ritualistic, a moment to enjoy the plant and connect with the people in the rotation. Bong, that sound of the water bubbling is amazing. Vape pens changed the game and brought a new meaning to discreet.

How do you typically enjoy CBD? What accessories or products do you prefer?

I typically prefer a tincture usually during the first half of my day in the morning or early afternoon. I like the Ojai Energetics Tincture because it activates right away and the added benefits from the Moringa and Acerola cherry are really great. It keeps me centered so that I can think and strategize with a clear mind.

Do you have any recommendations for shoppers new to CBD on choosing the best products for them?

I think its important to ask the right questions. Is there lab tests? Do they batch test? Where is hemp grown? Make sure the company displays values of transparency and traceability.

What are your top 3 CBD brands and why?

  • Steven's Top Picks

  • Bloom Organics CBD Sleep Spray


    Life Bloom Organics Sleep Spray: Fast & Effective

    Care Division Move CBD Energy SprayCare Division Move: Perfect for a boost of energy and clarity 

    Cause and Medic Hemp Pain Cream: Quick Effects