Rest 1500mg CBD + 60mg CBN Spray

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Relax and unwind with REST. A uniquely formulated sublingual spray eases the mind and body to facilitate deep sleep.

REST combines 1500mg of hemp CBD and a blend of relaxing terpenes with a 60mg dose of CBN, a cannabinoid that has been shown to be a powerful sleep-aid. Say hello to your new natural night cap.

Goodness gives back 20% of the profits their hemp-CBD line to 'Americans for Safe Access' to fight the opiate crisis in America.

REST contains:
• 1500 mg CBD
• 60 mg CBN
• Relaxing Terpene Blend B-Caryophyllene, Farmacene, Linalool
• Peppermint Extract

Our friends like REST for pain-relief, good sleep and sweet, sweet dreams.