Sharp 500mg vape, incl. CBC

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The goodness SHARP vaporizer pen easily fits into your pocket, purse, or bag so you can dose while you’re on-the-go. No liquids. No mess.

On top of their broad-spectrum hemp extract and a blend of uplifting terpenes, they've added CBC to the SHARP formula; a cannabinoid that has shown to have a positive effect on stimulating healthy brain function.

Goodness gives back 20% of the profits their hemp-CBD line to 'Americans for Safe Access' to fight the opiate crisis in America.

REST contains:
- Each vape pen contains 500mg broad-spectrum hemp extract and 250 mg of CBD.
- Natural Terpenes
- Citrus Flavor
- Abstrax TemperTec Emulsifier (safe and verified tasteless/odorless terpene mix.)

Our friends like SHARP for feeling calm, fresh and focused.